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GROHE Red Mono Pillar tap and combi-boiler (8 liters)

30157000 - GROHE Red Mono Pillar tap and combi-boiler (8 liters)

Опис продукту

складається із:
GROHE Red Mono одноричажний змішувач із фіксованим виливом
for boiling water
монтаж на один отвір
GROHE ChildLock handle for boiling water
certified safety handle with a pull and turn closure
вентиль 1/2"
покриття GROHE StarLight
GROHE CoolTouch
swivel, insulated tubular spout
обмежувач обертання виливу
гнучкі з'єднувальні шланги
захист від зворотнього потоку
підключення до бойлерної системи GROHE Red
GROHE Red combi boiler
резервуар для киплячої і гарячої води
6 liter boiling water 100° C or 11 liter hot water 55° C
with thermostat
adjustable from 35° - 75° C
pressure: 1-7 bar
with flexible connection hoses and connection thread for boiling water
схвалено CE
power supply 230 V 50 Hz 30
споживана потужність 2100 Вт
споживана потужність у режимі очікування 15 Вт
dimensions boiler: 525 x 210 x 300 mm
Energy efficiency class water heater: B

Огляд продукції

GROHE Red 8 litre boiler – instant boiling water whenever you need it

The GROHE Red 8 litre boiler helps you make tea, blanch vegetables and sterilize cooking utensils or baby bottles – instantly and effortlessly. This convenient boiler for kitchens without a hot water supply was made to fit under all regular kitchen basins, replacing a flow-type heater. The GROHE Red 8 litre boiler provides up to 6 litres of boiling water (100°C) or 15 litres of hot water (50°C) directly from the tap, freeing up space on your kitchen counter as you'll no longer need an electric or stovetop kettle. And there'll be no more waiting for water to boil, saving your precious time.

GROHE Red Mono tap – instant boiling water to suit your needs

The GROHE Red Mono tap supplies boiling water only. Installed separately next to your regular kitchen tap, it will help you save precious time on your kitchen chores. Combining it with the GROHE Blue system, you will have water delivered at any temperature from boiling hot to cool and chilled, to suit all your needs. Upgrade your kitchen and enjoy maximum convenience with this modern tap system.

GROHE ChildLock – childproof safety handle for boiling hot water

Childproofing is a top priority for us at GROHE. With our GROHE ChildLock system, a two-step pull-and-turn movement of the left handle is required to activate the boiling water flow. The tap has been independently tested and certified to meet childproof safety standards.

GROHE CoolTouch – never too hot to handle

GROHE CoolTouch provides a reliable insulation of the interior water channel, so the tap body is safe to touch even when running water at 100°C. The tap can be safely used in households with children thanks to this technology protecting their sensitive skin from scalding on hot surfaces.

GROHE Red titanium boiler – quality and durability

All boilers of the GROHE Red range are made of titanium. This premium material is highly resistant to corrosion and limescale build-up and known for its biocompatibility. It imparts no metallic taste to the water, so the water coming out of your GROHE Red tap will always retain its original pure taste.

High spout for easy filling of large pots

Easy cleaning of big pots: with this high spout, your GROHE tap will master any challenge in the kitchen. GROHE products are perfectly suited to your needs and all the requirement of your home – for your ultimate comfort.

Smooth turn

With its flexible swivel spout, this tap provides maximum comfort at minimal effort. This is especially convenient when switching between two basins.

Легко чиститься і служить довгі роки завдяки покриттю GROHE StarLight

Покриття GROHE StarLight – це результат уваги до деталей та 75-річного досвіду: ультра гладка обробка дає стійкість до подряпин і легко чиститься. Просто протріть поверхню сухою тканиною, і вона знову виглядатиме як нова.

Easy installation system with straightforward instructions

You'll have this tap mounted in the blink of an eye. The easy installation system comprises only a few parts and is very easy to use. Coming with flexible hoses and a clear set of instructions, you'll find the installation of your new tap is really simple.

Swivel range 180°: extra smooth movement without collisions

Perfect functionality for everyday use: this spout turns smoothly within a 180° radius, giving you full operating control without it hitting any surrounding cupboards or walls.

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Позиція № Опис продукту Замовлення №
* Optional accessories
1 Mousseur 13999000
2 Shank fastening assembly 46249000
3 Combi boiler (EU) 40431000
4 Filter with filter head 40438000*
5 Mounting wrench 19017000*
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Kitchen Brochure

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