Thermostatic Shower Valves

With an extensive range of designs to choose from and a host of integrated features, GROHE thermostatic shower valves take showering safety and enjoyment to the next level.

Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan Thermostatic shower mixer

Design Choices - concealed & exposed Thermostatic Valves

GROHE thermostatic shower valves complement our faucet collections – so you can create a fully coordinated luxury bathroom. Our range includes concealed and exposed thermostatic valves. Concealed thermostatic valves are composed of two parts:

  • A built-in valve, which is concealed behind the tiling.
  • A wall plate (or trim set) which is fixed on the wall. This is the visible part.

With an exposed thermostatic valve, the entire body is fixed to the wall and includes a water outlet to which you connect the hose of your hand held shower. Wall-mounted thermostatic bath/shower mixers also incorporate a bath spout.

Concealed Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan thermostat
GROHE TurboStat

Thermostatic Shower Valves - for a single Shower Outlet

Our thermostatic shower valves give precise control over the temperature of your shower water. By responding to any fluctuations in the water supply, you can enjoy your shower safe in the knowledge that the temperature will remain constant for the duration.

All designs feature a SafeStop button set at 38º Celsius to prevent the shower temperature being accidentally raised and an EcoButton to reduce water consumption by up to 50%.

Concealed thermostatic shower mixers can be used with either a head shower or a hand-held shower head. If the design of your shower features more than one shower head, choose a thermostatic bath/shower mixer

Exposed Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan thermostat
Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan Thermostatic bath/shower mixer

Thermostatic Bath/Shower Mixers - for multiple Water Outlets

Exposed thermostatic bath/shower mixers feature a bath spout and an outlet for the shower hose, which is then connected to your hand shower. Concealed thermostatic bath/shower mixers enable you to create several different showering configurations including:

  • Bath spout + hand shower
  • Head shower + hand shower

An optional third water outlet enables to realize the following shower configurations:

  • Head shower + hand shower + bath spout
  • Head shower + hand shower + body sprays

To benefit from the third outlet a stop valve is necessary.

Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan bath thermostat

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